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In the realm of vinyl's groove, artists thrive,
33 records spinning, souls come alive,
Notes intertwine, intelligence displayed,
In melodies crafted, emotions conveyed.​

From Eve’s wisdom to SOTAK’s grandeur,
Each artist a luminary, a unique allure,
They paint stories through sound, deep and profound,
Intelligent music, in hearts, is found.

Funktion One sound system, a sonic dream,
Amplifying emotions, a transcendent stream,
The beats resonate, through every being they flow,
Infinite vibrations, to heights they grow.

Love for the rhythm, the beat's pulsating call,
Kicks rolling like thunder, breaking down walls,
Passion shared through speakers, hearts aligned,
In the dance of the moment, souls intertwine.

Live, Love & Dance, the mantra we embrace,
Connecting as one, in rhythm and grace,
The music unites, erasing all divide,
In its tender embrace, all worries subside.

Moments of passion, the music's embrace,
Boundless energy, in every dancer's space,
Under the starlit sky or neon's glow,
We're united by beats that make us flow.

So let the records spin, and speakers ignite,
As the music guides us into the night,
In this symphony of love, we find our chance,
To Live, Love & Dance, in eternal romance.

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live, love & dance

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