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Based in the heart of the city, the RTS.FM Lausanne studio regularly invites artists, collectives or labels who are present on the Swiss scene and who actively participate in the development of underground electronic music.


In keeping with the original concept, the shows are broadcast live streaming on the RTS.FM Facebook platform.

RTS.FM was founded in 2005 in Moscow. Initially known as Radio TOCHKA in Russia and Radio STATION POINT in England, only the abbreviation RTS.FM was retained as it evolved from a blog to a worldwide studio.


Although RTS.FM is still headquartered in Moscow, its antennas now cover cities such as St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Budapest, Berlin, Riga, Tel Aviv, etc., and it continues to expand beyond the boundaries of the original development concept, offering wide music broadcasting coverage.


RTS.FM is now an international radio station that regularly broadcasts live from 13 active studios around the world, connecting a community of followers that already numbers over 31,000 and 19,000 subscribers on the Youtube channel.


The programmes are created in collaboration with musicians and DJs from all walks of life, bringing a relevant look at the evolution of new trends in electronic music in the clubs that represent it.


The programmes are broadcast live, either from the RTS.FM studios where the artists meet or from a particular location made available for a mobile event (clubs, associations). They have also been recorded and catalogued for the past fifteen years, thus constituting an international memory of the creative wealth of their talented protagonists.